“Power-Pipe is a leading global Waste Water Heat Recovery (WWHR) manufacturer and the most cost-effective way of increasing a SAP score to meet Building Regulations Part L, 2014.

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“Power-Pipe has the highest WWHR SAP efficiency rating in the UK, helps save money on heating bills and is easy to install with no specialist design or commissioning.

Ashley Prescott, UK Agent

“It is available in two diameters and multiple lengths, making it the system of choice for house builders and developers.”

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Did you know...?

WWHR is recommended by NHBC to meet Building Regulation Part L1a 2014 - read more...

Section 6 in Scotland also recommends the inclusion of WWHR to meet the legislation changes from October 2014 - read more...

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Recommended by

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Section 6 (energy) - technical handbook

NHBC Technical Guide Part L1a 2014

What is Power-Pipe?

Check out this short video which gives you an overview of what a Power-Pipe is and how it works.

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Did you know...?

Power-Pipe is the only WWHR to be;

- provided with 22mm mains connections as standard (why is this important?)
- designed with low pressure loss for all models
- backed with a 10 year manufactuers guarantee
- available in both 50mm and 110mm diameters
- offered in a number of different lengths
- designed with a commercial option with 28mm mains connections

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How WWHRS works

Power-Pipe is used to recover the heat in waste water that usually goes down the drain

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How much can it save?

Power-Pipes can save both developers and occupiers money

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How much will a Power-Pipe cost?

Find out how much a Power-Pipe will cost & where you can buy one

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Client Testimonials

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Redrow Homes
Jonathan Moss Redrow Homes
“When it comes to Waste Water Heat Recovery, Power-Pipe is the ideal solution for our properties as it is extremely cost-effective and easy to install. “Using Power-Pipe has assisted us with reducing CO2 emissions, and achieving compliance with building regulations on certain house types. “It is the only system we’ve come across where 22mm connections come as standard, making it easy for our plumbers when fitting it into our homes. “The ongoing advice and support from the company’s technical team has been excellent, so we are delighted to have Power-Pipes’ products and services on board at Redrow Homes.”
Hall Energy Consulting
Sharon Askew SAP Test

“Great webinar about Power-Pipe products today! Well-presented and easy to understand. 

"As SAP Assessors we are always looking for more products to help our clients achieve a pass, and Power-Pipe looks to be a very cost effective solution.”