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"Power-Pipe is a leading Waste Water Heat Recovery System (WWHRS) which helps you increase your SAP score to pass Building Regulation Part L, save money on heating bills and is easy to install.

"Unlike other products on the market, our unique patented system has very low pressure loss and is available in two diameters and multiple lengths offering 64 different SAP listed models.

"We have a wealth of knowledge about SAP and our team of experts are on hand to help you make the right decisions for your development. We also offer CPDs for larger companies who may benefit from a hands on demonstration of our units."

Ashley Prescott, UK Agent

How WWHRS works

Power-Pipe is used to recover the heat in waste water that usually goes down the drain

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How much can it save?

Power-Pipes can save both developers and occupiers money

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How much will a Power-Pipe cost?

Find out how much a Power-Pipe will cost & where you can buy one

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