Power-Pipe CPD road trip

On the road again…

Yes, that’s right, this month we are hitting the road and heading south to speak to various house builders and architects about our leading Waste Water Heat Recovery systems.

If you would be interested in having our UK director visit your office to deliver a top notch CPD about all the fantastic benefits of this innovative technology, be sure to let us know.

The session covers the general principles of WWHR, benefits for residential and commercial applications, as well as how to specify it in SAP. Certificates will be provided.

There are limited spaces available but here is where we will be and when:


Tuesday 16 August- just one slot available at 9am!


Thursday 25 August- two slots available at 12pm and 2pm.

To book one of the above slots, email [email protected]

What Others Have To Say

“When it comes to Waste Water Heat Recovery, Power-Pipe is the ideal solution for our properties as it is extremely cost-effective and easy to install.

“Using Power-Pipe has also allowed us to pass SAP regulations with certain house types which otherwise would have failed.

“It is the only system we’ve come across where 22mm connections come as standard, making it easy for our plumbers to incorporate when fitting it into homes. “The ongoing advice and support from the company’s technical team has been excellent so we are delighted to have Power-Pipes’ products and services on board at Redrow Homes.”

Jonathan Moss

Redrow Homes

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