Power-Pipe featured in HVP Magazine

Ashley Prescott, a director at Power-Pipe UK, offers advice to installers and specifiers wanting to use WWHR in this month’s HVP magazine.

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Ashley Prescott offers advice to insallers and specifiers in this month's HVP magazie

Ashley Prescott offers advice to installers and specifiers in this month’s HVP magazine

What Others Have To Say

“When it comes to Waste Water Heat Recovery, Power-Pipe is the ideal solution for our properties as it is extremely cost-effective and easy to install.

“Using Power-Pipe has also allowed us to pass SAP regulations with certain house types which otherwise would have failed.

“It is the only system we’ve come across where 22mm connections come as standard, making it easy for our plumbers to incorporate when fitting it into homes. “The ongoing advice and support from the company’s technical team has been excellent so we are delighted to have Power-Pipes’ products and services on board at Redrow Homes.”

Jonathan Moss

Redrow Homes