Power-Pipe unveils new look website

Power-Pipe is set to raise temperatures in the digital world by unveiling a fresh look website.
The new platform will showcase a series of short animations which feature a cartoon depiction of its UK director in the shower.
The four-stage, step-by-step guide will appear on the home page and highlights how people can make significant energy savings while showering by using its innovative Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems.
Speaking about his decision to “cartoonize” himself for the new website, director, Ashley Prescott, said: “Working in the industry we’re in, it’s important to inject some humour where you can and add some personality to your brand.
“Believe it or not, although WWHR is much more common in North America and Europe, it’s still relatively new to the UK and there are some general misconceptions about how it works when it’s such a straight-forward technology.
“This animation really helps to bring Waste Water Heat Recovery to life and simplify it for users by showing how it works in practice. I’m just glad the designer chose to cover me up with lots of bubbles!”
Other new additions to the site upgrade include enhanced content and a redesigned format which will provide a better overall user experience and allow navigators to more easily access content about WWHR.
It also features housebuilder case studies from Redrow Homes, client testimonials and latest up to date media coverage from Power-Pipe.
Waste Water Heat Recovery works by recovering heat from outgoing warm waste shower water and uses it to heat incoming cold fresh water.
This helps to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and keep heating bills down in a home.
On average, installing a Waste Water Heat Recovery unit will save a household ten percent a year on its annual energy bills which could be a cost saving of £80 to £100 per year
It can also reduce annual carbon emissions by 300kg-1000kg.
WWHR is one of the most cost-effective methods that can be used to increase a home’s energy efficiency performance within a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculation, which is required to pass building regulations.

What Others Have To Say

“When it comes to Waste Water Heat Recovery, Power-Pipe is the ideal solution for our properties as it is extremely cost-effective and easy to install.

“Using Power-Pipe has also allowed us to pass SAP regulations with certain house types which otherwise would have failed.

“It is the only system we’ve come across where 22mm connections come as standard, making it easy for our plumbers to incorporate when fitting it into homes. “The ongoing advice and support from the company’s technical team has been excellent so we are delighted to have Power-Pipes’ products and services on board at Redrow Homes.”

Jonathan Moss

Redrow Homes