Save Money & Energy While Showering

A Power-Pipe® recovers the heat energy lost down the drain during showering and uses it to pre-heat incoming mains freshwater. Saving £ + energy.

Benefits of Power-Pipe®:

Our Promise To You


Increases SAP score

Dependent on the size and model, a Power-Pipe can boost a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) score from two to over twenty percent!



A Power-Pipe is up to 10x more cost-effective than Solar PV or Triple Glazing. See full comparison here.


Easy to install

Power-Pipe is the only WWHR system where 22mm mains water connections come as standard which helps to make installation quick and easy.

How It Works

Do you know how much energy your shower uses?

Believe it or not, the shower uses more energy than any other appliance in the home. The average shower in the UK lasts around eight minutes and uses the same amount of energy as:

  • Boiling a kettle 22 times
  • Leaving the TV turned on for 26 hours
  • Running your laptop for 36 hours
  • Having a LED light on for 13 days

And the majority of this energy ends up straight down the drain – what a waste! With Power-Pipe you can recover up to 70 percent of this valuable heat energy.

The beauty of a Power-Pipe Waste Water Heat Recovery System is its simplicity.
As warm waste water from the shower travels down the Power-Pipe, surface tension causes the water to be attracted to the inner surface of the pipe, which creates thin film.
What happens next?

The heat energy is then transferred to the incoming cold water which travels up the outer coil of the Power-Pipe.
Step 1

The incoming cold water has now been pre-heated by the Power-Pipe and is sent to the cold side of the shower and the water heater.
Why is it sent to the cold side of the shower mixer?

As the cold water has been pre-heated, the shower mixer only needs around half the amount of hot water it would normally require to produce the same temperature water.

Why is it sent to the water heater?

See the step below!

Step 2

Hot Water
Pre-heated water

Care To Know More?

Why choose Power-Pipe WWHR Systems?

  • Highest number of WWHR models listed within SAP
  • All Power-Pipe WWHR models have twin wall separation for safety, leak detection and to avoid cross contamination
  • The longest manufacturer's guarantee - ten years, compared to two - however it is expected to last the lifetime of the property
  • Lowest pressure loss
  • Only WWHR which comes with 22mm mains water connections
  • All models are WRAS approved
  • Highest WWHR SAP efficiency rating

How can I boost my SAP score with Power-Pipe WWHR?

When using your SAP calculation software, simply goto the WWHR section. This is normally a tab located within the Water Heating part of the software. From there you will see a list of WWHR models available. If you need help choosing the best Power-Pipe for your development, check out our Price & Size page.

How do you specify a Power-Pipe WWHR?

There are many different Power-Pipes available. We suggest looking at our Price & Sizing guide which can help you to find the most suitable unit. If you need any help, get in touch!

How do you install a Power-Pipe WWHR?

Installing a Power-Pipe is relatively straight forward process and is normally undertaken by a professional plumbing or mechanical contractor. For more information take a look at our installation page.

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