Sizing & Pricing

Power-Pipes are available in different diameters, lengths and coil configurations (for flow rate) which means you can always find the perfect WWHR for your project no matter your performance requirements or budget.

Power-Pipe Product Selector

Use our handy product selector below to help you choose the best Power-Pipe for your residential project! For commercial projects, it's best to contact us to discuss your requirements.

*Max showers denotes the maximum recommended number of showers the Power-Pipe® is connected to in SAP System A configuration (equal flow). This is based on the pressure loss on the mains water created by the WWHR system and assumes a minimum starting mains water pressure of 3 bar.

Power-Pipe Models

Below are lists of all Power-Pipes broken down into the different series. If you are unsure of the model that you require please use the product selector above, or contact us.

If you wish to purchase a Power-Pipe please contact our UK distributors CodeStore.

  • Residential use
  • Available in 110mm diameter SVP waste connection (it replaces a section of your SVP)
  • 22mm mains water connection
  • Suitable for connection to up to 3 showers

R2 units

Please note the R2 units are no longer available and have been superseded by the E-series (for 1 shower) and X-series (up to 3 showers).

  • Residential use
  • High efficiency units for most cost effective SAP uplift
  • Available in 50mm diameter waste connection
  • 22mm mains water connection
  • Suitable for connection to 1 shower. If your property has more showers, please see the X-series.
  • Residential use
  • High flow rate units for connection up to 3 showers
  • Available in 50mm diameter waste connection
  • 22mm mains water connection
  • Commercial use
  • High flow rate and 28mm mains connections
  • 110mm SVP diameter waste connection
  • Available in a number of lengths and can be run in series. Please see Engineerd Systems for further information

What is the best size Power-Pipe for me?

If you are not sure which size you need feel free to contact us to get more information and a quote for the Power-Pipe to match your needs.

For Occupiers

We always encourage occupiers to choose the largest Power-Pipe that will fit into the available space. The larger the unit, the greater the efficiency performance and the more energy (and money) will be saved in the long-term.

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For Developers

When it comes to developers, they will be influenced by slightly different factors. They may opt for the most cost-effective solution to pass their SAP calculation, so are more likely to choose a smaller unit which will provide enough of a carbon saving to meet required targets.

However, because of the cost-effectiveness of WWHR compared to other products in the SAP calculation, we would still advise they apply the same logic and install the largest Power-Pipe they can. Instead they should look at making savings elsewhere by relaxing the fabric u-Values of the property which are comparatively more expensive than WWHR.