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Some videos to help you explore the world of WWHR. Enjoy!

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SAP2016 Consultation Videos

The SAP2016 consultation runs until 27 January 2017. There are big revisions planned with the Hot Water calculations which will have a significant impact on many aspects of the building, including WWHR. We have put together a few videos to explain some of the key factors and our recommendations for the new Hot Water Calculations.

SAP2016 Introduction

Shower Duration

Incoming Mains Water Temperature

Shower Flow Rates

SAP2016 – Utilisation Factor (UF)

Utilisation Factor (UF) is part of the WWHR calculation within SAP. Whilst it is not part of the SAP2016 Consultation, it is referenced in the technical documentation. The following videos discuss what the UF does, and how we think it could be updated to be more accurate.

Utilisation Factor

UF – increased thermal capacity

UF – are units purged?

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