Power-Pipe Technical Manual UK

Includes detailed guidance on installation, including best practice for legionella

Power-Pipe Sales Brochure UK

Overview of product including list prices

How to specify Power-Pipe in SAP

Detailed guidance for choosing a Power-Pipe model

WWHR SAP Checklist

Handy quick reference guide for SAP Assessors

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“Great webinar on Waste Water Heat Recovery with the team at Power-Pipe.

“We would recommend it to all SAP assessors and specifiers who should bring themselves up to speed on the benefits of this technology as it could add real value to their clients’ projects.”

Steve Saward



November 2, 2016

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““Having joined the webinar presented by Power-Pipe, we found the presentation to be very informative.

It gave us a clear understanding of the workings and installation of a WWHR system and how it can contribute to the energy efficiency of a dwelling and assist in our SAP Assessment role for developers and architects.”

Paul Reid

SAP Assessor, EPC Wigan

EPC Wigan

November 2, 2016

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“As a SAP Assessor it is extremely challenging not to exceed the SAP Target Emissions Rate without using expensive components within the SAP calculation.

“Including a WWHRS within the calculation provides more flexibility in the build specification which in turn can help reduce the overall build costs.”

Keith Lane

SAP Assessor

Keith Lane

October 12, 2016

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“When it comes to Waste Water Heat Recovery, Power-Pipe is the ideal solution for our properties as it is extremely cost-effective and easy to install.

“Using Power-Pipe has also allowed us to pass SAP regulations with certain house types which otherwise would have failed.

“It is the only system we’ve come across where 22mm connections come as standard, making it easy for our plumbers to incorporate when fitting it into homes. “The ongoing advice and support from the company’s technical team has been excellent so we are delighted to have Power-Pipes’ products and services on board at Redrow Homes...”

Jonathan Moss

Redrow Homes


October 6, 2016